Auto Focus Electric Movable Dental Microscope II

Short Description:

Dental Microscope with Autofocusing and cervical locator, capturing images automatically. Designed for easy use.

Education, surgery, implant, Ortho, RCT, pathological disease, operation, digital capture recordings of all work etc.

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Auto focusing function- help dentist to catch the picture in seconds, release the dentist's hands.

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Software for pictures and videos for easier and professional work.

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Filter operating lamp- (Number one on price and quality in market, unique develop).

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With software to support video and picture taking.

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Zoom Range: 0.8X- 5X.

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Electric control up and down, release the dentist's hands.

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Tips: Dentist have setting memory position with his dental chair already, when he use microscope again, position is ready fixed already by him, he will reach 90% of clear image directly, then he can use the electric foot pedal control and auto focus function to reach the final image. 

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Work Without Dental Microscope

Work With Dental Microscope

Dental Microscope benefit for dentist:
Microscope help dentist to avoid the mistake, and reach cannal easily
Dental Microscope Specification 
Magnification 50 X ( 5 different magnification for choose)
Zoom Range 0.8X-5X
Eyepieces WD = 211mm
Head Trinocular head, Eyepiece 45°inclined from horizontal

Portable style and Built-in dental chair style available


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