Dental Autoclave TS18 Class B 22 Mins 18L Real Vacuum

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Sterilization is a core concern for both patients and dentists;  MOH requires dental clinics to have B CLASS dental autoclave. We help to facilitate all dental clinics’ to afford B CLASS autoclaves. We developed the TS18  Real Vacuum Dental Autoclave: B CLASS, 18L unique function: only 22 min to finish the complete sterilization, to save the dentist’s time and money in managing the sterilization. 

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Working time 22 mins to finish the real vaccume sterilize with 18 liter- highly effective, support the dentists to sterilize the tools by fast time. Internal regulation on spare part position and space, easy for engineer follow the maintaince.

Class B Technology, real vacuum- apply for handpiece, instrument, fabric, cotton and plastic materials ( means it can be sterilized from internal and external, more safety and cover to sterilized all the tools in clinic).

Digital LED display, 121°C/134°C .
Vaccum time can be choose from 1 to 20 min, we suggest to follow the international standard vaccum time: 4 min.

Full set spare part: heater, magnetic valve,steam steel,water level sensor, all spare part are available, to support dealers.

The shape on autoclave in China or abroad, the shape is rectangle, the shortcoming is not easy to find the cabinet to hold it, so most of the dentist put it as horizontal, Lingchen design,it is square design, which follow the international cabinet design.

Technical parameters
Sterilization Chamber (internal) size (diameter  X depth) 247 X 352mm (18L)
Voltage AC220V±22V; 50Hz
Power 1400W
Sterilization pressure/ temperature 1.0- 1.1bar/ 121°,  1.9-2.1bar/ 134° (at standard atmospheric pressure)
Ambient temperature 0- 40°
Cartridge fuse 10A
Object 121° 134°
Metal-ware 10mins 3-5mins
Needles for the injector 3-5mins
Rubber products 5mins
Cotton yarn 15mins 10mins

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