Tender King Dental Chair Unit TAOS800 Best Seller!

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Lingchen Tender king, over 1000 sets of the Taos800 dental chair sets have been shipped to universities since 2010. Be confident this is the right chair for your university as it is for universities all over the world.

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Dental Chair TAOS800 Plus Upgrade Point:

1. The sitting cushion is 5.5 cm longer and 1.5 cm wider. And for the backrest, both of the height and width 3 cm bigger. So the complete cushion is 2 m. To match in this long cushion, the metal frame and the plastic, we make it into bigger too. And for the metal frame is produced by our factory, so we can control the metal thickness.

2. Adding cleaning system,Which remove the debris and dirty things inside the drainage cube. And remove the bad smell from the clinic, even dry the clinic main drainage daily. 

3. 4 eyes operation lamp, 2 by 2 yellow and white. But now 2 bulbs intensity is same as before 4 bulbs.

4. Operation tray from injection mold, much stronger than before.

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Unique function:

Strong suction working by electric- develop by LINGCHEN DENTAL, much powerful and working smoothly, patient feel comfortable from it. Install the suction pump is not a neccessory while dental chair with electric suction, save space & cost.


Dental chair cushion with standard size, the options:  it can be extended 20 cm, special design for tall people, for more comfortable.


Correct working distance- dental chair operation tray angle and design consider from dentist's working; cuspidor design and distance to patient sitting cushion is caculated well.


Dental chair Capacty:

150 KG, 100% matching for CE standard.



The manufacturer of motor with more than 20 years history, No.1 in China.  Dental chair motor working smoothly, provide a comfortable treatment sorrouding for people.


Dental chair with 4 eyes led light, with sensor- without touch the light, stop cross infection.


Good position for LCD holder, do not conflict with lamp arm, easier for patient to watch the LCD and dentists no headache from conflication.


Full options for your choice- save the cost & dentist feel relax from complete dental unit 2 pcs led light turbine+ 1 set low speed handpiece + led scaler with 2 pcs scaler handpiece + curing light + oral camera with 17'' screen + 1100W compressor.

Rated Voltage AC220V- 230V/ AC 110- 120V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Water pressure 2.0- 4.0 bar
Water Flow ≧ 10L/ min
Air Consumption Dry & Wet Suction ≧ 55L/ min (5.5-8.0bar)
Water Consumption Air Negative Pressure ≧ 55L/ min
Patient Chair Carry Capacity 150KG
Base height range Low point: 343mm  Hight point 800mm
Headrest Dual- articulating gliding headrest; lever release
Input Power  1100VA
Chair control Delivery system touchpad or foot switch
Upholstery options Microfiber leather or PU

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