Portable dental chair convenient for visiting patients

Short Description:

Lingchen portable dental chair, function same as the real dental chair.Dental chair only can use in the fix place, not easy to move.

So the portable dental chair give more choice for dentist.

Lingchen portable dental chair standard package includes: portable chair unit, dentist stool, hanging turbine, Led lamp,operation tray, foot pedal.

Product Detail

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Cushion 20cm longer than market one, raw material supply comfortable treatment experience. Most of the market portable chair  with the short cushion, most of patients' foot will hanging out, if  long time treatment, patient will feel tired.

Hanging turbine, operation tray, cuspidor, Led light, foot pedal, moving wheel, dentist stool, full set options.

The hanging turbine includes the water bottle, 3 ways syringe and suction.

Stable metal frame with good painting. When the portable dental chair fold, the wheel support carry.

Usage:to make the dentist easy to hold to some places which do not have basic service in the hospital / To some villages in the mountain and to desert/ the dentist can hold this chair for lecture like rent one hall for lecture /some laboratory can use it to takes the impression and it can be used in the lab for patient/ It can be hold to school to treat the students and army use it easily and to the charity using.

Lingchen Portable dental chair support the charity to provide dental treatment to the children.

Our aim is supply the good products to support dentist to provide the treatment to the people indeed.

Lingchen Portable dental chair easy to assemble and fold, carry to everywhere as you want.

Technical parameters 
Adjustable height    400- 500MM
Backrest  Adjustable degree  105~160
Weight  capacity  135 KG
Packing List
1 set  main mental frame with cushion  2 sets  Handrest  holders
2 sets handrest  3 pcs metal holders
1 set cuspidor  1 pc LED Light
1 pc screws  1 pc hanging turbine(optional)
1 pc manual  


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