Small size portable dental turbine unit with 550w compressor

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Portable Dental Turbine Unit with built-in electric suction & air compressor 550W.

Lingchen portable dental turbine unit with the compressor that can work directly not requested any air storage tank. With a stable source of clean air, there is no trouble of sewage drainage as of a traditional compressor with tank. It is easy to operate. Also it can supply with a sustainable pressure for high-speed handpiece, low- speed handpiece, and other installations as dental scaler, light curing, etc. But it weights only 20KGs. It’s convenient to be carried with. It would be the first choice for dentist who needs to give emergent service.

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Built-in electric suction, strong power, driven by electric, which will not conflict with other's air using, big support for treatment .

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With air compressor 550W (the market one normally use 350W); The handpiece tube, air tube and water tube raw material high quality; Class A level spare parts including safety valves, foot pedal control the water and air by easy way.

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Small luggage design, easy to carry to everywhere. Hard cover, thick sponge internal, good protect and durable.

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Bigger fan,decrease the temperature by fast way, protect the air compressor motor.

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Lingchen portable dental turbine unit is wide use in clinic, charity, army, hospital ..., Lingchen dental trolley ship to different countries.

Power supply: 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 545W
Air low: 50L
Start-up pressure: 0.5Mpa±0.05
Max pressure: 0.1Mpa±0.05
Working pressure for high speed handpiece 0.22Mpa±0.02
Working pressure for low speed handpiece 0.3Mpa±0.02
Noise: 50-60dB
Noise:                                             50-60dB
Net Weight:   20.5KG
Measurement:                                500*265*455 (mm)
Standard Accessories 
Compressor head 550W:   1 Set
Four-hole Hand Piece Tube:  2 Pcs
Round Foot Control:   1 Piece
Three-way Syringes:  1 Piece
Suction :        1 Piece
600ML Clean Water Bottle:  1 Piece
High Speed Hand Piece 
Low Speed Hand Piece 

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