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China Dental Unit Brands – LINGCHEN DENTAL

Usage: Surgery, RCT, Implant, Education an efficient smart design- Saving time and money. Microscope and X-ray systems are integrated into the body of the dental unit for more comfort and higher efficiency during treatment. Providing a large operating arena, necessary for various outpatient operations and treatments.

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Development Background of Center Clinical Unit Taos1800c

1- As dental treatments have advanced patients are demanding a higher quality experience while in the dental chair and a higher commitment to care.
2- All dental treatments can be done in one location taking less space and not requiring moving the patient which increases the efficiency.
3- An All-in-one treatment center makes the unit more cost-effective and affordable allowing you to get a lot done with a single station.

1. Microscope with micro- fine foot pedal:  improve the dentist’s work & increase the reputation of clinic; 25cm working distance; with 5 levels changer of  magnification, biggest one 20.4X; with fiber optic light.



2. X- ray:  Long enough to reach the Left or Right side of  Patient's mouth;  60/ 65/ 70KV to choose.


3. Chair loupe: 3.5X magnification, with LED light.

Built in electric suction-working by electric. Suction work smoothly and powerful, enough for surgery working, and it is drainage style, no need for the assistant to change the bottle.

While built in electric suction working, patient feel comfortable because it will not suck the meat, which is different with traditional vacuum pump.


China dental chair With long cushion- 2.2 M, microfiber leather, max loading 180kg,  while one-piece quilted upholstery feels remarkably plush (sewn upholstery) for the strong and tall patients to receive long treatments.

Whole body patient support is more suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and other patients with limited mobility to receive long treatments.

With double-articulated headrest and comfortable seat, which height can be raised and lowered freely in the range from 380mm to 800mm, including the last-seat-height memory function. 

Ergonomic working distance design. Well caculated working distance between the operation tray to dentist’s sitting place,operation tray height and angle, dental lamp holder length, from patient sitting chair height to cuspidor with water giving distance, all allows you (and your team) to roll in closer to the patient and work in a comfortable, natural position, also let patient feel easier during treatment.

Intelligent Touch Control system

Durable operating panel. Touch control with intuitive user interface, make the functions very easy to understand. With 4 memories, control all movement on whole dental chair:water heating, cuspidor washing, water giving, x-ray film viewer, lamp.

Control your chair all movement without thinking, improve the work more efficiently and precisely.

New water distiller bottle: Easy to add water, dental handpiece easy to get water.

Metal frame- thick metal, patient chair carry 180 KG.

Metal frame is the heart of dental unit for its stability, if the metal frame is weak, the dental unit will start to shake after using few years.


Works quietly, gently stops and starts during patient positioning, provide a comfortable treatment experience


Operation LED Lamp with sensor: 

Sensor, reducing cross infection possibility, soft with focusing light to protect dentist’s eyes.  

With AT mode-Automatic operating mode, MT mode-Manual operating mode, intensity of light can be adjusted;

The light has memory function which can remember the last illuminance, yellow light specially for composite filling time using.

The handles covers of lights can be disinfected under high temperature.



Air Compressor, built- in LED scaler, oral camera with screen, curing light, dental handpieces.

Rated Voltage AC220V-230V/ AC 110-120V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Water pressure 2.0-4.0 bar
Water Flow ≧ 10L/ min
Air Consumption Dry & Wet Suction ≧ 55L/ min (5.5-8.0bar)
Water Consumption Air Negative Pressure ≧ 55L/ min
Patient Chair Carry Capacity 180KG
Base height range Low point: 343mm  Hight point 800mm
Headrest Dual-articulating gliding headrest; lever release
Input Power  1100VA
Chair control Delivery system touchpad or foot switch
Upholstery options Microfiber leather or PU


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