Dental Simulator Version II Half Electric Simulation System

Short Description:

we’re always looking to improve learning and teaching for students.

1. Incredible Value when comparing Price, Product Quality, and Product Features.

2. Allow students to achieve experience and confidence through better simulation before entering an actual clinical environment.

3. Improved skill with materials and equipment.

4. Improved procedural knowledge.

4. Inhanced professional theory training.

5. Increased Student enthusiasm and confidence.

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Design and Function I:
Cabinet with layers to put jaw model, etc.

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Design and Function II:
with hanging turbine,Easy to use:Just connect to air compressor (0.4Mpa~ 0.8Mpa required) to get start. 1 x Plastic tube (connects to air compressor). Features:
1. Basic model, Mini-compact design.
2. Easy to use:Just connect to air compressor (0.4Mpa~ 0.8Mpa required) to get start.
3. 3- Way Syringe Included.
4. Foot Pedal Switch.

Air pressure input: 4-8kg
Air pressure output: 0-4kg
Air pressure for handpiece: 0.01Mpa~ 0.4Mpa
Water pressure input: 2kg
Water pressure output: 0- 2kg
Water pressure: 0.1Mpa~ 0.25Mpa

1 x Turbine dental unit.
2 x handpiece tube 4 Hole.
1 x saliva ejector.
1 x 3-way syringe.
1 x Foot switch.
1 x Water bottle.
1 x Plastic tube (connects to air compressor).

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Design and Function III:
4 eye led lamp,eye feel comfortble after long time work

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Design and Function IIII:
plattom head.
Compact and lightweight economy type simulator.
Can be attached to most desks using the supplied Bench Mount.
Ideal for showing product demonstration.

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Option: 1. High speed turbine; 2. Low speed handpiece .



Q1:Does the machine come with air compressor?

A1:No, customer self- provided.

Q2: Does the phantom head come with a jaw set.

A2: Yes, we will offer 1 set of jaw set with the phantom head.

Q3: How can the jaw set fix on the phantom head?

A3: Magnet and screw, both possible.

Q4: Can I fix my kavo type jaw set into the phantom head?

A4: Yes, not only kavo type, but also frasaco and nissin type jaw set, can be put into the phantom head.

Q5: How can I change the teeth in the jaw?

A5: With screw. And you can buy extra teeth for the jaw.

Q6: How about the suction?

A5: There is weak suction in the the machine.

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