Top Mounted Dental Chair TAOS600
We know some dentists they prefer to choose top mounted dental chair, instead of hanging style. Because top mounted dental chair have some advantages which hanging style donnot have. Today we will share with you some info about this.
Normally when patient come to sit or leave the dental chair, there is high percentage he will beat the tubes of handpieces by his leg to make it fallen on the ground, if this handpiece is expensive like 500usd? means this beat lead to 500usd loose. For top mounted style dental chair, this design avoid this happening to protect handpieces and other tools well, to let dentist feel rest. But there is one important point, the handpiece tube should be long enough, and the tube holder should be longer also, this can let the dentist feel comfortable while he is working.

As each design has shortcoming, also each one has benefit. Before we heard many stories about this happening, but now more and more dentists start to choose hanging style, as it is more convenient for dentist to use while working, also handpiece price become decreased too much, so comparing the convenience, dentist is ready to face this risk.

Moving together with the dentist’s needs, Lingchen working to support more dentist.

Nice sharing with you. Thank you.

Background for Lingchen dental:
Founded in 2009, manufacturing dental chairs and autoclaves in Guangzhou, China. Exported to more than 70 countries and with dealer in 20 countries and succeed to build our brand in Mid east and Latin America; Now we have 2 patents for kids chair design, 2 models center clinic unit with microscope and built in x-ray, 22 minutes autoclave. Keep developing the new items and creating more values to our customers is the key on Lingchen work.

Post time: Apr-02-2022