Comparison Lingchen Microscope MSCII and MSCIII


Dentist want to use microscope to finish RCT, implant, surgery, education, and this microscope should be easy to use, easy to reach the patient’s mouth, easy to focus. So the moving on big distance and fine focus is important.

Hope this sharing will help you to know how to choose one microscope.




          MSCII                 MSCIII
 Adjusting big distance  By electric foot pedal  By hands
 Adjusting fine focus  Auto focus  Micro-fine adjust by foot pedal
 Light  External LED light  Built in Fiber light
 Function  ★★★★  ★★★
 Beauty  ★★  ★★★★
 Price  ★★★★  ★★


Auto focusing function - Improves efficency of dentist, short focus time, clear picture display, reduce dental eye strain .

Filter lamp - Clear, the light no harmful for dentist eyes, three modes,
Choose different modes according to different needs.

Endo, implant, education, ortho, some operation, surgery, etc.

- Eyepieces: WD=211mm
- Magnification: 50X
- Zoom Range: 0.8X-5X
- Built in with chair style / Movable style



Usage: Education, surgery, implant, RCT.

- 5 level changer of magnification, A(3.4X), B(4.9X), C(8.3X), D(13.9X), E(20.4X);
- Fiber optic light - - left/right, high/normal/low;
- Micro fine adjustor by electric foot pedal to control up and down, to release the assistant job.
- Built in with chair style / Movable style


Explain more for the light:

For dentist, they work inside the patient mouth, this lead them that they should choose one light which can move and adjust, not to follow the microscope lens. That’s why built in light is not matching with the clinical using, which this light makes outside bright and lens area empty.
At the end, we go to LED spot light, to let dentist keep move freely and to give best result.

Post time: Mar-14-2022