Lingchen Advanced Dental Classroom Simulators with LED and camera system for observation and recordation


Lingchen Dental Classroom Simulators are a multimedia educational system that can be used as a platform for education and skill development for denture reconstruction. This system supports the needs and requirements for Stomatology Colleges and Laboratory Study, including LEDs and Cameras, which is essential for monitoring student advancement which in turn generates intelligent guidance for dental experience and education. This dental classroom simulators system allows the teacher or teachers to monitor and observe all students individually to maximize educational support even in a large schoolroom setting.

Lingchen Dental Classroom simulation training system is designed to advance the ability to conduct resident dental studies. Students will master the proper operational techniques.

This study opens the student to master the use of dental equipment and maintenance. Gaining knowledge through the practice of working within a workbench system. All the mechanisms are powered by low voltage DC motors which ensure operating safety.


Lingchen exports to over 100 countries worldwide and these exports include components of our catalog and especially now the latest version of our LCD camera dental simulators, model SS03 simulators for clinical training. One of the best features of the Lingchen Dental Classroom Simulator is its ability to both observe in real-time and at the same time record the observation for more detailed guidance and instruction for students.


1. Electric control movement phantom head: 1set.

2. Portable unit with compressor: 1set.

3. High speed turbine tube: 1set.

4. Low speed handpiece tube: 1set.

5. Three way syringe: 1set.

6. Foot switch: 1set

7. Operating light: 1set.

8. Metal workbench: 1set.

9. Built-in power plug: 1set.

10. Dentist stool: 1set.

11. Electric control panel: 1 full set.



1. High speed turbine.

2. Low speed handpiece.

3. Can install one central compressor which cover 20 portable units.

4. LED and camera system for observation and recordation.


Post time: Sep-07-2021