Dental Chair Care Schedule -Lingchen Dental

Dental chair is the core for one dental clinic, dentist need put schedule how to care the equipment in clinics. We prepare some tips here to share with you-

Each day you should:
1) washing drain tubes for chair each one day
2) suction filters cleaning each 2-3 days 

Each week you should:
1) compressor should drain each one week
2) distal water bottle cleaning each one week

Each month you should:
Compressor and chair filter should clean each one month

Each season you should:
Water regulator and air regulator in operation tray check and adjusted each 3 months

Half year you should:
Water valve for cup and cuspidor clean each 6 months

Each year you should:
1) Put thick oil for metal frame joints each one year
2)Check floor cable and unite box cable each one year, see if it is become so hard and easy to loose the cover
3)Each one year test the tubes for air by high pressure, give the pressure 5 bar to see whatever its bomb or not than can detect suspected tube which need to change
4)Each one year use acid in water tubes to remove the salt which collect from water

Here adding a point about the maintenance of the handpiece, it is a key component of the dental chair. To avoid cross-infection of disease, the handpiece must also be autoclaved after using, in order to extend the service life of the handpiece, special attention should be paid to the daily maintenance.

Before use, 1~2 drops of high speed lubricant should be added. Under normal conditions, the head of the handpiece should be cleaned with cleaning lubricant once a day, and the micro bearing should be cleaned once after every 2 weeks of work. Normal working pressure of 0.2~0.25Mpa should be maintained; when there is no water, the handpiece should not be idle, otherwise the bearing will be damaged. The needle should be replaced with a new needle in time when the needle is blunt, otherwise it will also affect the life of the bearing.

Good using dental chair in clinic need regular care. 
Thank you.

Post time: Oct-08-2021